What do we do?

We can support you with information and advice on any issue you may need help with. We can help with filling in forms and dealing with agencies.

The aim of the Family Resource Centre is to provide these range of supports to all families living in the Portlaoise area. We recognize that all people need support from time to time and we open our doors to all members of the Portlaoise community. We work with other agencies to ensure that if we cannot help you we will put you in touch with someone that can.

We offer a wide range of services including the following:


Through Suaimhneas Community Crèche we provide a range of services to suit parents & children.


We provide a low-cost Counselling service for individuals, couples, children & families. We operate a sliding scale fees policy to enable people to avail of the service at a price they can afford to pay.


We host several groups including Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Parent and Toddler Group and Meditation Group.


We provide a range of activities, projects & programmes for young people of all ages including Forόige Club, M&M Youth Group, After Club and Youth IT Projects and Activities.


We can support you in setting up, preparing for meetings, dealing with issues & liaising with the Local authority.


Portlaoise Family Resource Centre is committed to providing a range of supports and services to families to make the day-to-day challenges of family life a little easier to manage.