Problem gambling is a compulsion to continue gambling despite the desire to stop and suffering the negative consequences it may have. It can have a serious financial impact on the person, their family, and their friends, causing severe stress, depression and anxiety.

Problem gambling is the term used to indicate all the patterns of disruptive or damaging gambling behaviour.

Research shows that for every 1 person with a gambling addiction, up to another 10 people are impacted on, by the person addiction.

We provide counselling for people experiencing problem gambling, including those impacted by the gambler’s behaviour. Our service is confidential.

Cora provides support to individuals impacted by problem gambling. She also provides support to family members impacted by gambling, in addition to raising awareness and aiding prevention.

To contact Cora call:
Tel: 057 8686 151
Mobile: 087 3488 062

Address: Portlaoise Family Resource Centre, Treo Nua Centre, Harpur’s Lane, Portlaoise R32C7DD

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